40 Days With Jesus
This is a six week series looking at the life transforming encounters different people have with Jesus after His resurrection, starting with the first person to meet the resurrected Jesus, Mary Magdalene. The series is based on a 40 day devotional book written by a good friend of ours, Dave Smith who...
Overcoming Failure
Sun 19 May 2019 | Sonia Hopkins | 32:53
Sonia Hopkin: A look at what an encounter between Peter and Jesus can teach us about how we respond to our own failures.
Forgiveness When We Mess Up
Sun 19 May 2019 | Ben Oliver | 36:46
On week 4 of our 40 Days With Jesus series, Ben Oliver talks about Peter who messed up by denying that he even knew Jesus and reveals how Jesus forgave and re-instated him. We all mess up too so we need Jesus's forgiveness just as much
40 Days with Jesus - Week 3
Sun 12 May 2019 | James Manwaring | 48:28
James Manwaring preaching from our Windsor site, on week 4 of '40 Days with Jesus'.
When Jesus comes in the midst
Sun 12 May 2019 | Geri Jones | 35:45
Geri Jones preaching on Jesus coming to the disciples after his resurrection, showing up in a locked room, replacing their fear, pain, guilt and doubt with peace, love and forgiveness.
An Eye Opening Journey
Sun 5 May 2019 | Andi Swift | 30:17
Andi Swift kicking off Week 2 of our '40 Days with Jesus' Series, titled 'An Eye Opening Journey'
An Eye-Opening Journey
Sun 5 May 2019 | Natalie Jones | 39:13
The Road to Emmaus is a story from Luke's gospel that invites us to reflect on the question: how clear is our vision of Jesus today? We explore this inspiring, incredible encounter of how the risen Jesus revealed himself to two disappointed and doubting followers and subsequently how their revelation of Jesus changed the entire course of their journey. 
40 Days with Jesus - Week 1
Sun 28 April 2019 | Leon Johnson | 28:46
Leon Johnson starting our new series '40 Days with Jesus' from our Windsor site.
40 Days with Jesus - Week 1
Sun 28 April 2019 | Heather Pocock | 34:00
Heather Pocock, preaching from our new Blackwater Valley location! She starts our 40 Days with Jesus series.
40 Days with Jesus - Week 1
Sun 28 April 2019 | Simon Benham | 36:33
Simon Benham kicks off our 40 Days with Jesus series from our Bracknell Site.

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