Summer Shorts
This series looks at the 5 shortest books of the Bible.
2 John
Sun 11 August 2019 | Helen Colpus | 26:25
Helen Colpus: 2 John might be one of the shortest books in the bible but that doesn’t mean it’s short on wisdom. We explore how and why John wrote a letter encouraging early Christians to love and reject false teaching, and why this is still applicable to our lives in 2019.
A Matter Of Heart
Sun 11 August 2019 | Becca Taylor | 34:12
Becca Taylor: A study of the book of 2 John discusses how our approach to obeying God’s commands and to dealing with false teaching is a matter of heart. We explore how to practically follow John’s teaching in these areas.
Truth and Love
Sun 11 August 2019 | Ben Oliver | 34:33
Ben Oliver continues our Summer Shorts series looking at Truth and Love in 2 John
Sun 4 August 2019 | Natalie Jones | 44:36
Natalie Jones: Natalie starts the Summer Shorts series as she talks about hospitality as described in the book of 3 John.
Welcome Truth Bringers
Sun 4 August 2019 | Heather Pocock | 44:00
Heather Pocock: Heather unpacks the shortest book of the bible looking at John's third letter and encourage us to welcome truth bringers with hospitality
2 John
Sun 11 August 2019 | Ben Britton | 30:36
Ben Britton continues our Summer Shorts series looking at Truth and Love in 2 John

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