Ten Talks 20th October 2019
Ask. Seek. Knock
Sun 20 October 2019 | Jack Todd | 10:49
Jack Todd helps us understand how Jesus tells us to have an effective Life of Prayer.
Building our Live's on God's truth
Sun 20 October 2019 | Jacob Adams | 11:29
Jacob Adams: Looking into what building our lives on God's word and truth means practically in the context of storms in our life and how to deal with these hard times with God.
Salt and Light
Sun 20 October 2019 | Kelvin Phiri | 11:30
Kelvin Phiri looks at how we can live as both salt and light and be most effective as followers of Christ.
Do Not Worry, Hand It Over To God
Sun 20 October 2019 | Rachel Aworinde | 9:48
Rachel Aworinde: Jesus has instructed us not to worry. Our heavenly father knows what we are going through. Instead praise Him and put God first, pray, read and believe in His promises for us.
Light of the World
Sun 20 October 2019 | James Mitchell | 10:13
James Mitchel talks about how We can be the Light Of The World if we follow Jesus and what his teaching tells us.
Sun 20 October 2019 | Tom Bond | 9:13
Tom Bond speaks to us how we can become peacemakers in our lives.
Believers are Salt and Light
Sun 20 October 2019 | Mariam Mohammed | 15:31
Mariam Mohammed: We will be discussing verses from matt 5:13- 16 on what Jesus meant when he called his followers salt and light. Using my own situations as an example and also what God has put on my heart.
Do Not Judge
Sun 20 October 2019 | Vicki Swift | 19:41
Vicki Swift: Do not judge. What judging means. Problems with judging. Judging builds barriers to relationships and prevents you from loving them.
Desire God's approval alone
Sun 20 October 2019 | Tom Klitgaard | 9:51
Tom Klitgaard: When we give, whether that be of time, money and such like, God's approval is all that counts. That’s it, nothing else. God's approval is ALL that matters.
Samantha Gallotan
Sun 20 October 2019 | Samantha Gallotan | 12:35
Samantha Gallotan talks to us about having a deep and personal relationship with God.
Salt and Light
Sun 20 October 2019 | Teva Ewhrudjakpor | 14:10
Teva Ewhrudjakpor: says we are the salt and light of the earth, What does this mean in the world we live in today.
Do not Worry
Sun 20 October 2019 | Panache Sabau | 11:15
Panache Sabau speaks talks to us about not worrying but instead trusting god with everything.
Salt and Light
Sun 20 October 2019 | Tim Mckean | 11.23
Tim McKean talks to us about how we can be Salt and Light to the people around us in our lives.
Treasures In Heaven
Sun 20 October 2019 | Jeanne Peters | 14.06
Jeanne Peters speaks to us about how we can use our skills and spiritual gifts to become our legacy, our treasures in heaven. Using the money we do have to serve God.

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