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Idols - Check your heart
Sun 22 September 2019 | Jo Phillips | 29:31
All of us have idols present in our lives yet no idol other than God should be president. In our lives knowing the love of Christ we know that nothing else satisfies. 
The Prodigal Son
Sun 22 September 2019 | Simon Benham | 45:40
Great words of Wisdom from Senior Pastor Simon Benham today on 'The Prodigal Son.' Taking a deeper look into the mentality of both brothers in this story.
Small Group Vision
Sun 8 September 2019 | Catrina Benham | 31:58
As the new school term starts Catrina Benham talks at our Bracknell site about our small group vision and the importance of community. Then she interviews 3 people who are either leading or participatiing in a small group this term.
Small Group Vision
Sun 8 September 2019 | Sonia Hopkins | 39:38
As the new school term starts Sonia Hopkin talks at our Blackwater Valleu site about our small group vision and the importance of community. Then she interviews 3 people who were participatiing in the small group that she recently led.
An Impossible Life
Sun 28 July 2019 | Katia Adams | 46:37
This week we were joined by Katia Adams. Sharing from Mark 1-16-20, she explores the dynamic of God calling us to the ‘impossible life’, and how He sets us up ‘in the ordinary’, ‘in the utterly hopeless’, and ‘for a wild faith adventure’. She reminds us how God’s intentions are ‘over the top’ and how we worship an extravagant God.
Who Is This
Sun 28 July 2019 | Katia Adams | 01:00:00
Katia Adams, speaking from the book of Song of Songs 6:10 shares the reality that God is taking His church further into fulfilling Her destiny in this season where we become a people so astonishing with who we are and how we live that the world can’t help but say ‘WHO IS THIS?!
Worship is not just a Sunday
Sun 21 July 2019 | Heather Pocock | 31:33
Heather Pocock, our Blackwater Valley Site Pastor, concluding our 'Raise A Hallelujah' series.
Into The Deep
Sun 30 June 2019 | Kim McManus | 29:32
Kim McManus, from Mosaic Church in Hollywood, with a preach titled 'Into The Deep'.
Abba Father
Sun 16 June 2019 | Simon Benham | 41:02
Simon Benham: Our highest privilege is to be adopted into God’s family and become his children. Today we look at three benefits that flow from our adoption.
Fathers Day
Sun 16 June 2019 | Ben Britton | 32:10
Our speaker today was Ben Britton, who leads Kerith West Wight. Firstly he tells us about what God is doing there, with people coming to know Jesus, their first baptisms and the start of kids work, and that there's a real sense of unity and connection with other Kerith sites. Then he reminds us that there are things in the darkness which we need to bring into the light, and that when we bring them to Jesus we are loved and forgiven.
Resurrection Day
Sun 21 April 2019 | Simon Benham | 34:28
Simon Benham: “He has risen” was the rallying call of the early church. Today we took a look at the reality, the results and the responsibilities of the resurrection.
Where Jesus Reigns, Peace Reigns
Sun 14 April 2019 | Ben Pocock | 40:13
Ben Pocock: All things in our lives working out how we want them to? On Palm Sunday, Ben explores the powerful story of Jesus entering into Jerusalem on a donkey a week before his crucifixion. He looks at the significance of what happened, what it declared 2000 years ago, and what it declares to us today about the powerful reality of the true peace that Jesus speaks of.
Lost People mattering to God
Sun 14 April 2019 | Duncan Klitgaard | 44:02
Duncan Klitgaard: Duncan shares a viewpoint on "the parable of the lost sheep".
Why do we worship?
Sun 14 April 2019 | Sam Jackson | 42:00
Sam Jackson, our Windsor Worship Lead, explores the reason behind why we worship. 
This tent is too small for us
Sun 7 April 2019 | Jacqui Webber-Gant | 32:54
An exploration of the prophetic call in Isaiah 54 to “Enlarge the place of your tent” as we prepare to move to a new location.
The importance of community
Sun 7 April 2019 | Simon Benham | 33:00
Simon Benham preaching about the importance of community. 
Mother's Day - Sandhurst Site
Sun 31 March 2019 | Heather Pocock | 32:00
Heather Pocock, our Sandhurst Site pastor, preaching on Mother's Day. 
Farewell to Ben Davies
Sun 3 March 2019 | Ben Davies | 1:13:00
A farewell evening for Ben Davies. Listen to a fascinating interview with him and the Kerith Senior Pastor Simon Benham
The Source of Wisdom
Sun 27 January 2019 | David Devenish | 30:46
Our guest speaker today is David Devenish, who leads the Catalyst Network and works extensively with churches in the 10/40 window. He's one of Kerith's external advisers and a good friend.
Using James 1:1-25 David gives us some lessons in Wisdom, all of which are written like easy to remember proverbs - God is giving you wisdom to live, proverbs to live by.
Our Faith and God's Love
Sun 25 November 2018 | Paul Manwaring | 40:29
Paul Manwaring: Paul has an incredible ministry to mainland Europe and to us in the UK having been on staff at @bethel church in California for a number of years. He shares God's heart with us with a powerful prophetic message on our faith and God's love.
God's Love Languages
Sun 18 November 2018 | Simon Benham | 17:49
Simon talks about people's five key love languages, and how God shows all five to us all of the time.
Game Changers
Sun 21 October 2018 | Paul Manwaring | 54:23
Paul Manwaring preaching at the Bracknell 6pm meeting, titled 'Game Changers'.
Farewell to Sola
Sun 7 October 2018 | Simon Benham & others | 28:46
Tonight we said farewell to Sola Osinoiki, one of our elders, who is moving to Berlin with his work. Simon and several others share about the impact that Sola has had on their lives during the time that he has been a part of our community.
Go Make Disciples
Sun 16 September 2018 | Leon Johnson | 42:36
Leon Johnson preaching from our Windsor site - 'Go Make Disciples'. 
Bad Dads In The Bible
Sun 17 June 2018 | Ben Pocock | 30:21
On Fathers Day Ben Pocock talks about 2 bad dads in the bible, Noah & David.
Krish Kandiah - God Is Stranger
Sun 10 June 2018 | Krish Kandiah | 32:00
Guest preacher Krish Kandiah - God Is Stranger
Canon Andrew White - Bracknell 6pm Service
Sun 10 June 2018 | Canon Andrew White | 41:40
Canon Andrew White speaking at the Bracknell 6pm service. 
We Serve a God of Miracles
Sun 27 May 2018 | Sola Osinoiki | 28:12
Sola in his preach today focused on the supremacy of God and re-introduced God as the God of miracles. He looked at stories, one in the old testament and one in the new testament, and encouraged us to believe in a God who still works miracles in the Earth today. Expect a miracle today!
Living With Intentionality
Sun 8 April 2018 | John Kirkby | 35:09
A Sunday recording taken from a Kerith Community Church site. Guest speaker John Kirkby talks about the importance of living with intentionality. 
The First Palm Sunday
Sun 25 March 2018 | Ben Oliver | 36:59
Ben Oliver takes us on a bible study concerning the events of the first Palm Sunday. Jesus isn't doing what anyone expects, but takes a deliberate step on the road to His Crucifixion.

Application: Jesus doesn't always do what we expect, in our lives, but he does do what we need.

"Crown me or kill me but you cant just ignore me"
We are Family
Sun 18 March 2018 | Tim Morfin | 46:00
Tim Morfin is Chief Exec at TLG. Tim shares some real life stories of how God is transforming lives through TLG Education Centre. He also encourages the church to support children at the Centre.
Windsor Site - Leon Johnson
Sun 11 February 2018 | Leon Johnson | 27:41
Leon Johnson, Site Pastor, preaching from the Kerith Community Church Windsor Site.
Christmas Day in Bracknell
Mon 25 December 2017 | Simon Benham | 26:16
Simon Benham shares Mary's prayer as he encourages us to fix our eyes upon Jesus.
Christmas Day in Sandhurst
Mon 25 December 2017 | Fran Harrison | 19:18
Fran Harrison reminds us that on the first Christmas Day God broke into our world and moved into our neighbourhood
The Name of Jesus
Sun 17 December 2017 | Catrina Benham | 23:46
A life of faith is lived in the name of Jesus. “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Col 3:17
As we rush towards Christmas, let’s remember the simple but powerful truth that we can have absolute faith and confidence in the name of Jesus Christ – He is the Name above all other names.
Living in Anticipation
Sun 3 December 2017 | Ben Pocock | 32:19
Each year, December and the Christmas season tends to magnify what is happening in our lives, either the great things happening or the tough things we face. We end up living in anticipation of these things which ultimately don’t help or satisfy us. As we live in anticipation of the coming Jesus, things in our lives change, shift and ultimately have a different purpose. Today Ben Pocock explores what this means for us, how it looks and how we might pursue a life of anticipation of Christ.
Life is all about Choices
Sun 26 November 2017 | Fran Harrison | 43:53
Fran Harrison: Life is all about choices, and it’s critical that the ones we make will give us the best possible life in this messed up world – it’s critical that the choice we make is going to give us a solid foundation for eternity. Often people say, “This isn’t a dress rehearsal – this is life and you only get to live it once.”  Fran spends some time looking at how we can live life in the best possible way - how do we choose life in abundance?
Nothing Can Stop Us
Sun 26 November 2017 | Liam Parker | 32:11
Liam Parker: There can be so many reasons why we don’t feel it is necessary to get baptised but journey with Liam today as we study Acts 8 and discover how nothing in this world can stop us being obedient to the call of Christ for our lives.
Guest Preacher - Tope Koleoso
Sun 19 November 2017 | Tope Koleoso | 34:27
Tope Koleoso: A Sunday recording taken from a Kerith Community Church site.
Simon Benham - Andy Jackson Farewell
Sun 12 November 2017 | Simon Benham | 37:15
Simon Benham says a farewell to Andy Jackson who leads our Social Justice ministry, and preaches from Luke 15:1-10.
Leon Johnson - Romans 12:1
Sun 12 November 2017 | Leon Johnson | 25:10
Leon Johnson preaching from Romans 12:1, from our Windsor site. 
Flying into Turbulence
Sun 5 November 2017 | Fran Harrison | 38:43
Fran Harrison: What do we do when we know that we are heading into turbulence in our lives? Often our instinctive reaction is to try to navigate around storms, rather than go through them, but that’s not always possible or helpful. So how do we equip ourselves to go confidently INTO the storms when we see them on the horizon? Today we look at deepening our faith through prayer.
Being Content
Sun 5 November 2017 | Liam Parker | 39:20
Liam Parker: Being content with who we are and where our lives are is completely possible! To do this we must surrender the very lives we hold so close and work so hard to maintain over to God. This complete surrender will bring complete contentment. Find out why with this podcast.

At the end of the talk, Sarah sings the song The Cause of Christ, the full version of which can be found at
Ben Oliver Interviews The Surratt's
Sun 29 October 2017 | Geoff and Sherry Surratt | 28:48
Geoff and Sherry Surratt: Ben Oliver interviews the Surratt's family as they share their personal experiences serving God.
FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
Sun 15 October 2017 | Paul Weston | 35:28
Paul Weston is the leader of New Generation Church in Sidcup. He serves on the leadership team of Pioneer network of churches and the leadership for Spring Harvest. Today he talks to us about how the Fear Of Missing Out affects our Purpose.
Being Fully Present
Sun 15 October 2017 | Paul Manwaring | 34:06
Paul Manwaring: Dealing with regret, overcoming shame and self doubt, and removing fear of the future.
Live a life that is on fire for Jesus
Sun 15 October 2017 | Emily Parker | 42:44
Emily Parker sharing the word and encouraging us all to live a life that is on fire for Jesus.
Life Can Be Hard
Sun 8 October 2017 | Simon Benham | 42:43
Simon Benham: Sometime we are sold a line that being a follower of Jesus should give us an easy life. That often isn’t true - how should we respond when life is hard?
Guest Preacher - Pastor Kay
Sun 24 September 2017 | Pastor Kay | 01:14:18
A message from the incredibly anointed preacher Pastor Kay.
Baptism Sunday, Sandhurst Site
Sun 17 September 2017 | Lee Layton-Matthews | 35:30
Lee Layton-Matthews preaching at our Sandhurst site on our September baptism Sunday
Baptism Sunday, Bracknell Site
Sun 17 September 2017 | Simon Benham | 27:30
Simon Benham, our Senior Pastor, preaching at our Bracknell site on our September baptism Sunday
Vision Sunday (September 2017)
Sun 10 September 2017 | Simon Benham | 37:31
Simon shares vision for the coming term and beyond. It has been an exciting year so far, in particular with over 80 people getting baptised, so there is much to build on as we look to how we can be even more fruitful in helping people find their way back to God.
Leadership Lessons - we are all Leaders
Sun 23 July 2017 | Fran Harrison | 24:29
Fran Harrison: On the day we celebrate our Academy graduation, we take a look at leadership. Contrary to the belief of many people, we all influence, empower or impact other people's lives in some way, which means we are all leaders in one way or another. Fran looks at how critically important self-leadership is - how we need to lead ourselves well if we are going to be able to make a continued and healthy impact on those around us.
Servant Leadership
Sun 23 July 2017 | Liam Parker | 30:38
Liam Parker: Servant Leadership is the only option for being a good leader. Liam unpacks John 13 to help us understand that servant leaderhip is not only good for us, good for the church and good for our communities but is actually the only option to be a good leader.
Sandhurst Interview with Leah Mutala
Sun 2 July 2017 | Leah Mutual | 48:11
At Sandhurst, Fran interviews Leah Mutala who oversaw the whole of our HIV project in Serenje, Zambia
Joy Blundell
Sun 2 July 2017 | Joy Blundell | 37:47
Joy Blundell: The big picture includes creation and renewal as well as fall and redemption. Because of Jesus we can be reconnected to our original purpose as image bearers. Since you are made in His image, God has called you to
- Increase
- Influence
- Be purposeful
- Bear sweet fruit
Three Baptisms
Sun 25 June 2017 | Simon Benham | 36:30
Simon Benham: We can understand our journey into a relationship with Jesus as three different baptisms. What are they and how do they impact how we live from day to day?
Don't Be God
Sun 25 June 2017 | Liam Parker | 38:04
It is Baptism Sunday and the pool is open, Liam teaches us about letting go of our sin and letting God be God in our lives. We don't have to fight sin ourselves and deal with the frustration and shame that comes with that. We can hand over our sin to Jesus who has already died for it.
Father's Day
Sun 18 June 2017 | Ben Oliver | 31:15
Ben Oliver: This Father’s Day we’re not only celebrating dads and granddads, but urging men that in God’s Kingdom, any man can become a father. The famous early church leader Paul wasn’t a biological dad, but he was a ‘father’ to his apprentice, Timothy and a ‘father’ to the whole church in Corinth. God invites every man to know him and be changed by him, so that he can become such a father.  But what does a father like that look like and what does it take for me to become one?
You Never Know, Just Maybe
Sun 21 May 2017 | John Kirkby | 47:28
John Kirkby: We can get stale with the repetition of the Christian life. We can stop that happening by continuing to step out for Jesus, trusting him for the results.
Easter Sunday 2017
Sun 16 April 2017 | Simon Benham | 26:15

Simon Benham: The resurrection of Jesus was not the reversal of a tragedy, but a declaration of the victory Jesus won on the cross. What does it mean for us to join the revolution Jesus started on Good Friday?

Mothers Day 2017 - Run Your Race
Sun 26 March 2017 | | 39:20
In honouring mothers and all women, Catrina teachers from Hebrews 12, asking each of us what it looks like to run our race with our eyes fixed on Jesus
Eternity In Mind
Sun 12 March 2017 | Evo Unt | 46:38
Ivo Unt, Lead pastor of Toompea Pentecostal Church, Tallinn, Estonia is our guest speaker tonight.
How to live a life with everlasting impact? We learn how life with eternal perspective impacts the way we use our possessions and the way we treat people.
Entering New Chapter - The Shift
Sun 5 February 2017 | Liam Parker | 49:18
The Church is entering a New Chapter and shifting the story of Baptisms. Liam takes us through Acts 2 and asks us to make two shifts. First of all, he makes a spontaneous call for people to be baptized and the second shift he asks the church to start thinking about who they could reach to invite to be baptized.
Provide a home for orphans
Sun 27 November 2016 | Krish Kandiah | 34:06
Krish Kandiah looks at the statistics regarding those who remain in foster care until they come of age; and at the Syrian Refugee Crisis and discusses how the church can respond by opening thier homes for adoption.
In the World...for God's Kingdom
Sun 20 November 2016 | David Devenish | 39:06
You are sown into the world to be a son and daughter of the Kingdom. That is your identity and mission. A local church’s focus is to help all of us bring some small expression of God’s gracious and righteous rule wherever we are sown. Leadership helps equip you for that so that you understand and can fulfil God’s Kingdom purpose for your life.
Peace Keepers or Peace Makers
Sun 13 November 2016 | Simon Benham | 30:17
Simon Benham: God calls us to be peace makers, not peace keepers. What is the difference between the two and how does that impact how live as followers of Jesus?
Ministry Time
Sun 13 November 2016 | Liam Parker & Kerith Leaders | 42:28
Liam Parker: Take some time to listen and pray as a group of Kerith leaders guide the congregation through a powerful time of ministry
Peacekeepers vs Peacemakers
Sun 13 November 2016 | Ben Oliver | 30:41
Peace is precious. When we have it, we can take it for granted. When we don't, we realise how much we want it! But how do we go about gaining peace in our relationships individually or as groups or even nations? Ben Oliver explores two approaches to peace: peacekeeping and peacemaking. They're very different. Which one do we tend to adopt, which one does Jesus model and could it work for us?
Rediscovering the God of Mercy
Sun 30 October 2016 | Sola Osinoiki | 23:38
Sola took us on a journey through Scripture to look at htis attribute of God called mercy.  He showed how God through the ages has been mercifful to mankind and how He continues to be so through Christ and left us with a charge to show mercy to others.
Keep the love on fire
Sun 30 October 2016 | Emily O'Neil | 32:27
In a busy and distracting world, our love for Jesus can sometimes cool down.  This talk explains what kind of love Jesus is calling us to have for him, why this is important, and what we can do to keep the love for Jesus on fire.
Investing in the Future
Sun 30 October 2016 | Ben Pocock | 47:37

First we hear from Simon Benham about the Vision Sundays coming up and how we can get involved. Ben Pocock, Pastor of Kerith Sandhurst then speaks about Sunday 19th November 1989, the year of his fifth birthday. The year of the Nintendo Gameboy and Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles! Ben speaks about his first Sunday at the new Kerith Centre building which was newly opened. Ben speaks about the sacrifice that a few hundred people had gone through for years and years to give and provide to enable the building to be built. Ben talks about what he and others have received through what those people have done.  Ben gives a message about longevity, Gods message for us is not just about today but the long run, the future. Being part of Gods family for the long run and providing facilities and tools for people today but also for future generations makes a generational difference to our world.

How can I Grow in Love for other People?
Sun 23 October 2016 | Catrina Benham | 33:31

Catrina looks at the "loving people" part of our Kerith Vision statement "Helping people find their way back to God through communities growing in their love for God and their love for people."

Sun 23 October 2016 | Heather Pocock | 30:32
Heather Pocock: Heaven provides a huge hope to followers of Jesus, but are we just to spend our lives on earth waiting for eternity? We pray “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” but we can are part of the answer to our own prayer. God invites all of us to participate in bringing heaven to earth today
You can Curse the Darkness or you can Light a Candle
Sun 23 October 2016 | Bill Wilson | 62:51
Bill encourages the church as he shares some stories of his ministry experiences, and how, as a child, a little help from a good samaritan made a great impact in his life.
Remember forward
Sun 16 October 2016 | Simon Benham | 34:01
Simon Benham: We have an incredible history as a church community. How do we remember the past in a way that positively impacts how we live today?
Kerith Vision Night
Tue 20 September 2016 | Simon Benham & Ben Davies | 01:20:08
At our recent Kerith Vision Night, Simon explains that lack of space is limiting us growing the impact at our Bracknell, Sandhurst and Windsor/Maidenhead sites and highlights our vision & plans to create more space. In the middle Ben talks about some of the church's history of buildings.

Slides from the talk can currently be found at!387&ithint=file%2cpptx&app=PowerPoint&authkey=!AO2vSoO-jPz5OHc
Why Lord?
Sun 18 September 2016 | Canon Andrew White | 33:05
Canon Andrew White: We all experience events in life which cause us to ask 'why Lord?'. Drawing on his own experiences Andrew unpacks how we should respond in those moments.

Please accept our apologies for the audio quality of the podcast. We did experience some technical issues which affected the recording.
Sun 4 September 2016 | Simon Benham | 35:45
Simon Benham talks about the unique aroma coming from the things we say or do. He asks how do we bring the right aroma into our church community and into the world. If we need to smell like Jesus then we need to get close to Him.
Ever Felt Unqualified?
Sun 10 July 2016 | Matt Olthoff | 43:35

Ever felt unqualified? Looking at some well known believers in the Bible, you're in good company!
What's your passion? What keeps you up at night? What is in your hand?
What are you going to do with it?

Growing through fire
Sun 10 July 2016 | Bianca Olthoff | 41:05
Growing through fire: We all go through seasons of fire. How do we flourish and growthrough those seasons rather than being burned up by them.
Post EU Referendum Xenophobia
Sun 3 July 2016 | Simon Benham | 38:02
Simon Benham, Pastor of Kerith Community Church speaks on what should be our response as Christ followers to the rise in racist incidents in the UK following the EU referendum.
EU Referendum & Baptisms
Sun 26 June 2016 | Simon Benham | 21:03
Two talks for the price of one! Thoughts on both the EU refereundum and the meaning of baptism.
Moves of the Spirit
Sun 26 June 2016 | Liam Parker | 37:38
Liam tells stories of the Holy Spirit working in his life and uses Acts 1 to encourage us all to build a relationship with the Holy Spirit to not be afraid of being a little foolish to help see people won for Christ
Striving for perfection
Sun 26 June 2016 | Liam Parker | 35:06
Striving for perfection and acceptance is something we can all struggle with.  Liam takes a fresh look at the story of the prodigal son to show us some symptoms of striving
Gathering a Crowd
Sun 5 June 2016 | John Kirkby | 45:25
John Kirkby, Founder & International Director of CAP (Christians Against Poverty), joins us to celebrate the 20th birthday of CAP and the 10th birthday of the CAP Centre in Bracknell.
More information about CAP can be found on their website at plus their Facebook page at and their Twitter page at
Hope For Justice : It is enough
Sun 29 May 2016 | Ben Cooley | 48:12
Ben Cooley is the Co-founder and CEO of Hope for Justice, an anti-human trafficking organisation working to eradicate human trafficking in the UK.  Ben speaks at all 4 meetings about his work and God's heart for those in slavery.
Spending Time with Jesus
Sun 22 May 2016 | John Bretherton | 41:51
Dr Roger Bretherton joined us at Kerith Community Church to speak into spending time with Jesus from John's Gospel.  God is looking for fruit in our lives, it is a sign that we have allowed Him to work in us. But how do we stay close to Jesus?
Fri 25 March 2016 | Heather Pocock | 39:23
Listen to Heather Pocock at Kerith Sandhurst speak about Paul and Judas, two of Jesus disciples and friends. Listen and discover a deeper message of Easter, a message of pain and grief but ultimately an amazing life changing message of good news for all.
Good Friday in Bracknell
Fri 25 March 2016 | Liam Parker | 43:23
The world offers many ways, formulas and secrets to find freedom. In this simple and passionate message Liam boldly reminds us about the true gospel of the cross. It is Christ and Christ alone that sets us free.
Gordon MacDonald
Sun 14 February 2016 | Gordon MacDonald | 31:07
Guest speaker Gordon MacDonald tells us part of his story of his early pastoral years, how Jesus loves to rewire lives and sends us in new directions, and to do what no-one else can do. To save us, grow us and to make us the kind of people that God meant us to be.
2016 Vision part 2
Sun 10 January 2016 | Simon Benham | 36:09
This Sunday is the second part of Simon Benham talking about our vision for 2016. Simon is discussing in further detail some of the specific directions that Kerith will be heading in 2016.
2016 Vision
Sun 3 January 2016 | Simon Benham | 35:17
This Sunday and next we are talking about our vision for 2016. Today we talked about our new vision statement, which summarises who we are and what our purpose is.
Christmas Day 2015
Fri 25 December 2015 | Simon Benham | 12:26

Jesus came as the greatest gift we could ever hope for. How do we receive this amazing gift and experience the abundant life God offers?

There Is No Junior Holy Spirit
Sun 18 October 2015 | simon Benham | 21:22
In today's all age meeting Simon takes a look at how God used a young boy called Samuel to change a nation.
Ten Top Tips for Taking Up Your Towel
Sun 11 October 2015 | Simon Benham | 40:21
Last week we looked at what Jesus had to say about serving one another. Today we look practically at how we go about making that a reality.
Take Up Your Towel
Sun 4 October 2015 | Simon Benham | 44:11

What caused Jesus to take up a towel and wash his disciples feet? Today we take a look at leadership as defined by Jesus.

God's Pursuit Our Response
Sun 27 September 2015 | Leon Johnson | 32:36
Zacchaeus the tax collector was part of unlovable group but Jesus pursued him with unconditional Love. How do we respond to that Love from God?
Sun 27 September 2015 | Lydia Harris-Lane | 23:56
NOTE: Please accept our apologies as there was a problem with the recording this week and the sound quality has suffered.

Lydia speaks about "Hope" and specifically where do we find our hope? Do we place our hope in external things or do we place our Hope in Jesus - the "Great I am" the author and finisher of our faith. She looks at how the words of the song "Cornerstone" build up our hope In Christ Alone since He alone is our Hope because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross.
Heart of thankfulness
Sun 27 September 2015 | Liam Parker | 30:34
This preach is here to help our hearts change not to give us a disciplines or practices to help us be thankful. To do that we must remember what we are without God. Dust!
The Good Samaritan
Sun 20 September 2015 | Simon Benham | 35:20
With the ongoing refugee crisis many have referenced the story of the Good Samaritan. How should it help shape our response?
Champagne and The Sword
Sun 13 September 2015 | Owen Crane | 36:44
Owen Crane, Campus Pastor for Life Church Belfast was our speaker today.
When the women caught in the act of adultery was brought to Jesus He stood with her in the most dramatic fashion declaring "I don’t accuse you." It was a demonstration of Jesus’ limitless grace. It was a Champagne moment, however Jesus didn’t stop there, He told the women to "go sin no more." He gave her a sword and asked her to change her life. To live the life Jesus promised us we need both the Champagne and the Sword.
Feet First
Sun 13 September 2015 | Owen Crane | 33:20
Owen Crane, Campus Pastor for Life Church Belfast was our speaker today.
During His time in Mary and Martha’s house, Jesus teaches us a vital lesson in the priorities of life. Martha is busy working, preparing the meal for Jesus and His team while Mary is sat at the feet of Jesus and listening to His voice. Martha looses her cool at what she sees as the laziness of her sister and demands Jesus corrects Mary. Jesus sees it differently. For Him, Mary is doing the only thing worth being concerned about. We are Feet First people, everything in our lives comes second to that.
A Call to Live The Life Jesus Expects of Us
Sun 6 September 2015 | Catrina Benham | 43:23
What does it look like to treat each other as Jesus treats us? Based on Philemon, Paul's personal letter asking him to receive and forgive his runaway slave Onesimus, Catrina reminds us of Jesus' great love and forgiveness for us, encouraging us to "pass it on" to others.
Build an Intimacy With Jesus
Sun 6 September 2015 | Liam Parker | 42:46
Liam uses his personal experience to enourage the youth on the need to spend more time with Jesus. He stresses on the importance of reconnecting and rebuilding a strong personal relationship with Jesus as He is the source of our greatness in life.
Sun 6 September 2015 | Ben Pocock | 36:15
At the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5) Jesus doesn’t tell the disciples what to do, he tells them who they are. As followers of Him we are also called ‘The Salt of the Earth’. What does it mean to be the salt of the Earth and how might this impact those around us?
Temples Create Rivers
Sun 5 July 2015 | Paul Manwaring | 36:21
It's time to discover beauty again. The church should raise up creative people who use their gift to give glory to God. Beauty is a gift from God but the worlds definition is often shallow, temporary and sexual. Our beauty and its expression should have eternal significance and point all men to God the creator and originator of Beauty.
Stewarding Your Journey
Sun 5 July 2015 | Paul Manwaring | 1:00:32
A journey of faith requires stewardship. It is exciting, challenging and fun. God wastes nothing and gets you ready.
Being an Eagle Christian
Sun 28 June 2015 | Michael Ross-Watson | 36:25

God is the God of Nature and one of the most amazing of God's creations is the eagle. We see how the mother eagle teaches its babies to fly, and in a similar way God teaches us to grow so that we might use the wings of truth and faith. The eagle is created to fly above pollution in the high places, and we are created to live lives of purity. When flying, the eagle doesn’t use too much of its own strength but depends upon the wind currents. The wind is a picture of the Holy Spirit and we are called to walk in the Spirit. Finally, the eagle experiences renewal and its youth is renewed. We too need to experience times of renewal.

More than conquerors
Sun 28 June 2015 | Jamie Mckean | 24:08
A comparison of Alexander the Great and Jesus. Jesus is more than a conqueror because instead of forcing others to submit, he submitted to the will of God.
Sun 28 June 2015 | Helen Cottee | 40:26
Helen uses one of her technophobe incidents as a powerful illustration of our need to reconnect with God, reconnect with ourselves and reconnect with the people in our lives.
Building An Inter-Generational Church
Sun 21 June 2015 | Paul Reid | 43:10

We want to build a multi-generational church where at each age and stage we play our part in the Kingdom of God. With every change in life there is a change in mindset, a change in lifestyle and a change in anointing. Every 10 years or so something shifts in your life, so you have to adapt and move into the stage in life into which you are going.
Ten year – The baton is Discovery Time
Twenties – The baton of the Twenties Generation is Born to Run
Thirties – The baton of the Thirties Generation is We are the Champions
Forties – The baton of the Forties Generation is Pillar of Strength
Fifties – The baton of the Fifties Generation is to be Carers of People
Sixties and Beyond – The baton of the Sixties Generation is Guardians of the Vision

Hot Topics - Mental Health
Sun 14 June 2015 | Simon Benham | 40:30
Statistics tell us that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. How do we respond to that as followers of Jesus?
Loving Your Enemies
Sun 14 June 2015 | Canon Andrew White | 1:13:18
Andrew speaks powerfully from his own experience on what it means to follow Jesus' command to love our enemies.
Fill the house and guard the house
Sun 31 May 2015 | Stuart Bell | 30:57
Stuart Bell looks at John 12, in which Mary anoints Jesus with expensive perfume, and explains how God wants us to grow the Kingdom and protect the Church from opposition.
Gone Fishing
Sun 24 May 2015 | John Kirkby | 41:22
John Kirkby, Founder Christians Against Poverty, speaks with passion and enthusiasm on evangelism, looking at the amazing work of the Kerith Centre in leading souls to Christ. In "Gone fishin"; John looks at how Jesus implored His disciples to go and become "Fishers of men". Jesus used an analogy that they would understand. He wanted to catch their attention and His heart was to impress on each of them, and all of us who follow, that seeing individuals come to know Christ as their personal saviour is a crucial or in fact the crucial element of all our reason for being here. John looks at some real fishermen in clips from "Tuna Wars" from Discovery Channel, and picks out their approach plus their reaction to getting a bite and then catching the fish. John compares, inspires and encourages us all that we too can be "fishers of men", that God is with us, and talks about the disappointments and opportunities we must take. Yet the joy of seeing one life changed is worth any and every effort we put in. John finishes with a look at the miraculous things that God is able to do when we do what only we can do and see some real life examples of Fish literally jumping into the boat, I kid you not!
Fight the Good Fight
Sun 26 April 2015 | Ben Pocock | 35:30
Paul fought the good fight, he didn't fight the pointless fight, he didn't fight the irrelevant fight, the endless fight, the ungodly fight. He fought the good fight. God is calling us to fight the right fight, the right battles at the right times.
Rushing through life
Sun 26 April 2015 | Liam Parker | 30:21
The world and culture we live in today can cause us to rush through life and spend lots of time worrying.  Liam uses John 5 as a parallel to the world we live in and helps show us how we can live in this culture without the worry and the rush.
Easter Sunday - Chosen
Sun 5 April 2015 | Simon Benham | 31:54
Through Jesus' death and resurrection we get a choice we never had before. What does that choice look like and how do we take it?
Elevating God's Word
Sun 29 March 2015 | Sola Osinoiki | 35:40
fSola looks at the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  He reflects that Jesus in the flesh was the embodiment of the Word.  He makes a comparison that as Jesus entered Jerusalem so He wants to come into our hearts.  He then shows how the Bible is full of truth about the true value of God's word.  The Bible elevates God's word as the key to experiencing God in our lives.  He encourages us all to read Psalm 119, the psalm that describes God's word.
A Call To Do Something
Sun 22 March 2015 | Mike Royal | 35:41
Mike Royal is a leader; speaker and pioneer of Church based social action.
He is a founder trustee and the National Director of TLG, the Education Charity.
He leads on Church engagement for the Cinnamon Network, which is trying to make it as easy as possible for the Church to engage with those most in need in the community.
Mike lives in Birmingham and has been married to Vivien for over 22 years.
Mike sits on the board of a number of NGO’s working in the UK and also in Africa.

The video that Mike played can be found at
The Times of Thomas
Sun 22 March 2015 | Liam Parker | 41:29
Liam reads John 20:24-29 and explains that we can go through times of doubt like Thomas but need to respond "My Lord and my God".
Mothers Day 2015
Sun 15 March 2015 | Ben Oliver | 28:08
Being a mum is a tough assignment. This mother's day, we are exploring how Jesus' mum handled the news that she was going to be a mother to God's son and how her response can help all of us, whatever God is calling us to do.
God Provides a Lamb
Sun 8 March 2015 | Michael Ross-Watson | 43:43
In Genesis 22 we read that after all his experiences with God that God tested Abraham. Even at 120 years old Abraham was able to hear God's voice and was available to Him. Here is a story of instant and total obedience, of worship and of remarkable faith. When Abraham obeyed God then God provided for him. The offering of Isaac was at the same place where Jesus was crucified, and to this day that is where God continues to provide for us and to meet all our needs.
How To Live a Transformed Life
Sun 8 March 2015 | Lisa O'Brien | 47:26
A conversation in Galatians 1 about how to live a transformed life.
Give and It Will Be Given to You
Sun 1 March 2015 | Simon Benham | 29:18
Jesus turned human economic theory on its head - telling us to first give to others, and that through doing that God will give an abundance back to us. What does that look like for us individually, and for us as a church community?
The Extraordinary Nature Of Being Human
Sun 15 February 2015 | Erwin McManus | 37:48
Erwin Raphael McManus is an artist, entrepreneur, cultural thought leader and the founder of MOSAIC, a community of faith in Los Angeles, California. Known for its innovation, creativity, and artistry, MOSAIC has been named one of the most influential and innovative churches in America. Visit him online at He is also the author of Soul Cravings, Chasing Daylight, and other leading books on spirituality and creativity. His newest book, The Artisan Soul, is a Los Angeles Times and Publishers Weekly bestseller.
Today Erwin uses the story of Moses as described in Acts 7:14-38 to describe the extraordinary nature of being human.
Moving To The Next Level With What Is In Your Hand
Sun 15 February 2015 | Sola Osinoiki | 33:44
Sola challenges us to always be anticipating the next level. He also shows us steps from the life of Joseph in the bible on what we need to do to attain that next level in our lives. Then he talks about the tools that God uses to help us in succeeding in the next level. He encourages us to go into our world and seek out the opportunities God would put on our path to move to the next level.
Stepping from Crisis to Clarity, then to a Testimony
Sun 4 January 2015 | Sola Osinioki | 38:53
Sola uses the story of Daniel and the king's dream to navigate how today we can step from a crisis in our lives to clarity, and then on to a testimony. He shares 7 steps from Daniel's response to crisis and helps us see how we can apply this into our situation. He shares that using these steps will get us to our desired testimony in God.
The adoption of Jesus
Thu 25 December 2014 | Simon Benham | 10:27
We can easily miss in the Christmas story that Joseph made a choice to adopt Jesus. God was adopted into a human family so we can be adopted into God's family.
Social Justice is for life not just for Christmas
Sun 21 December 2014 | Andy Jackson | 37:02
Have you noticed the connection between Christmas and charity? It is great that this is a time of year when we seem prepared to give and to think of others who are living difficult lives. Yet we can feel uncomfortable with all this emphasis at just one time of the year. How can we celebrate Christmas the way that we do when there is so much suffering and injustice in the world?

Isaiah 11 speaks of the promised Messiah as a perfect King. A king who will establish a kingdon and rule unlike any other we have known or expreienced. A king who will show a preference for the poor and the oppressed - redressing the injustie they suffer at the hands of the wealthy and powerful.

Jesus fulfilled this prophecy in the way that he lived and all that he taught us. As we appreciate that, for followers of Jesus, justice for the poor and oppressed is for life and not just for seasons of the year, we can celebrate Christmas and His birth for all it is worth.
From the Stump of Jesse
Sun 14 December 2014 | Simon Benham | 38:23
Through the Christmas story we can find hope, even in the most hopeless of situations.
Zechariah and Elizabeth
Sun 7 December 2014 | Michael Ross-Watson | 39:52
God uses the most improbably people to give birth to John the Baptist who will prepare the way for the coming of Jesus. When one of them did not believe, God had to deal with his unbelief. We find here also the power of agreement in the Holy Spirit and the restoration of prophecy after a period of four hundred years.
Faith that Moves Jesus - Working His Works
Sun 7 December 2014 | Sola Osinoiki | 44:45
Sola speaks on what it means to have faith in God, unpacking bible passages to help us understand what Faith is. Then he goes on to explain what it means to have a Faith that moves Jesus into action! Faith like a muscle must be exercised to grow. We start with a measure of faith then we grow in our faith. Sola's challenge is to let your faith grow.
Sun 7 December 2014 | Lisa O'Brien | 36:02
Lisa speaks on being a peace maker rather than a peace keeper this festive season.
Another Look at the Baptism of Jesus
Sun 30 November 2014 | Sola Osinoiki | 13:28
Sola looks at the Baptism of Jesus from the eye witness account of John.  He unpacks John's view of the Baptism of Jesus, then looks at how the Holy Spirit was the sure affirmation of Christ's divinity, concluding with a look at at Paul's summary of the Baptism in Ephesians.
Throw Out Your Nets
Sun 30 November 2014 | Ben Pocock | 42:22
Ben Pocock encourages us to throw out our nets.
Seven Years A Senior Pastor
Tue 28 October 2014 | Simon Benham | 1:35:11
Simon Benham's reflections on 7 years as Senior Pastor of Kerith, as well as thoughts on what the next 7 years might look like.
Jesus the Servant
Sun 21 September 2014 | Simon Benham | 38:21
When Jesus washed His disciples feet, He gave us an amazing example of how He wants us to live. What does that look like in practice?
Play Your Part
Sun 14 September 2014 | Simon Benham | 36:51
The local church is the hope of the world, but only when it is working right. Part of working right is that all of us play our part. Simon takes a look at what that looks like.
Indiana Jones, Vulnerable Children and The Father Heart Of God
Tue 9 September 2014 | Krish Kandiah | 45:31
By being willing to foster and adopt needy children in our community, the church can become a living picture of God's heart to adopt us into his family.
Adopted As Sons
Sun 7 September 2014 | Krish Kandiah | 44:39
We often use terms like salvation and redemption when talking about becoming a Christian, but talk far less about adoption. Krish examines further what it means to be adopted into God's family and the practical implications in terms of us being willing to adopt and foster children in need of a home.
Becoming a Ground Breaker
Sun 22 June 2014 | Lydia Harris-Lane | 36:07
God wants us to break up the hard (fallow) ground in our lives, the areas of our heart which are hard, uncultivated & unused, and He wants us to nourish the soul of our hearts through us allowing Him to water our lives through His life-giving Holy Spirit
Suffering and Glory
Sun 22 June 2014 | Canon Andrew White | 33:13
In a week where we have had the worst ever violence in Iraq we realise that it is only by entering the suffering of Christ that we can enter His glory.
Break Through the Roof
Sun 22 June 2014 | Lee Layton-Matthews | 35:22
Taking a look at Mark 2:1-12 we take a look at 4 persistent friends who never allowed a barrier to get in the way of their friend been healed. Looking at their example we unpack how we can break through the barrier of fear, failure, disappointment and indifference. Apologies for the bad quality of the recording.
Man Talk - Father's Day Special
Sun 15 June 2014 | Various Speakers | 01:00:32
Men discussing three big issues: - "What does it mean to be a dad?", "how can men grow meaningful friendships?", and "is being a Christian only for wimpy men?"
What Time Is It?
Sun 25 May 2014 | Paul Manwaring | 42:06
The sons of Issachar understood the time and knew what to do. Esther was told that she had attained royalty for such a time as this. Do we know who we are, what time it is and what to do? This message answers these questions and commissions you to take your place in these days of greatest opportunity and greatest change.
Authentic Church Culture
Sun 16 March 2014 | Priscilla Reid | 42:40
We all get to define the culture of our church - what should that culture be and how do we play our part in creating it.
Has the 6pm Meeting Become our Nazareth
Sun 16 March 2014 | Liam Parker | 40:24
Liam reads through Mark 6:1-5 and challenges our faith by asking the question "Has the 6pm meeting become our Nazareth?
The Power of Prayer in a Room
Sun 9 February 2014 | Simon Benham | 32:33
Having set up our 24-7 prayer room we take a look at how people praying in a room broke Peter out of prison, and can do the same for us today.
The Storms of Life
Sun 2 February 2014 | Simon Benham | 40:17
We all face storms in life. We take a look at the disciples to see how both they and Jesus deal with a storm.
Sun 2 February 2014 | Simon Benham | 24:14
Most people would avoid touching lepers for fear of contracting their disease. Jesus touched them and made them whole. What does this tell us about our spiritual condition?
Community 101
Sun 2 February 2014 | Ben Pocock | 47:58
God created us all to be in relationship with one another. Community and relationships are key to our growth as individuals and as a church. Today we explore why and how to build meaningful, healthy friendships.
When You Stand
Sun 2 February 2014 | Liam Parker | 35:38
With great passion, Liam encourages us to stand up in our faith and to keep fighting for others. He unpacks vision statements from Isaiah 60:1-3 to help us understand the promises that are guaranteed for those that stand.
Think BIG
Sun 5 January 2014 | Rachel Hickson | 45:09
How should we approach 2014? Today Rachel Hickson encourages us to "Think big as the best is yet to come", putting Jesus  right at the centre of all we do this year.
The Power of a Gift
Wed 25 December 2013 | Simon Benham with Lynn Davidson | 18:52
Simon speaks about the Power of a Gift and uses Lynn Davidson's own story, who became a Christian on Christmas Day the year before, to highlight that the greatest gift to us is the gift of Jesus. The greatest gift that we can give is to be Jesus to all around us
Experience Jesus in Every Moment
Sun 22 December 2013 | Lee Layton-Matthews | 33:10
Lee takes a look at Luke 2:21-40 and unpacks how Simeon and Anna amongst many worshippers in the temple never missed encountering Jesus. In this Christmas season, and every season of our lives let's learn from Simeon and Anna so we can know and experience Jesus in every moment.
Jesus: The birthday boy
Sun 22 December 2013 | Tabitha | 24:03
It's that time of the year again, Christmas - Jesus' birthday! But how does the celebration feel when you don't know the host? Tabitha looks at the different ways parties can be awkward when you don't know the host, and how knowing Jesus at His party changes all of that.
Sat 21 December 2013 | Simon Benham | 40:09
Whilst the Bracknell site had Christmas Carols, Simon Benham came to speak to the Sandhurst site. He spoke about the history that lead to the Sandhurst site being created, what has happened so far, and where the site is heading. He also prayed for Ben and Heather and thanked all the volunteers.
The Christmas Scale
Sun 15 December 2013 | Colin Boyle | 09:22
Following the brief outline of Colin's own journey into music, he tells a story about the greatest news ever told in the simple notes of an upside down scale
Don't Be Afraid
Sun 15 December 2013 | Colin Boyle | 12:05
Looking at the angel's appearance to the Shepherds and the songs they sang, we see how the shepherds, even though afraid, responded to what they had heard and the impact it must have had on them. Peace on earth to all men.
Sun 15 December 2013 | Colin Boyle | 13:43
After speaking through the prophets, the silence of 400 years was broken by the cry of a baby. Pulling together the different themes from the meeting we can see how God is still light in the darkness, came to identify with our circumstances and speaks joy & peace to us, not just for Christmas but for ever.
The Perfect Gift
Sun 8 December 2013 | Catrina Benham | 25:39
Catrina Benham explains how this Christmas Jesus is The Perfect Gift for you - for everyone!
Sun 1 December 2013 | Michael Ross-Watson | 40:56
Michael Ross-Watson speaks about forgiving those who have wronged us. The message begins with a story of two men in Manhattan who died because of yesterday's rubble that they stored up and we see unforgiveness as dangerous baggage. He then shows us that forgiveness is no longer blaming people but instead releasing them and thus releasing ourselves. He looks at the dangers of not forgiving and then how we should forgive. The Bible reading is taken from Matthew 18:21-35 and the preach concludes with a remarkable story of a black South African lady who forgave the white policeman who murdered her husband and son
Hidden Treasure
Sun 1 December 2013 | Simon Benham | 45:53
In Matthew 13:44-46 Jesus tells a parable about a man looking for treasure. Through an interview with Liz Tibble, we take a look at what this story means for us today.
God Can Give You Much More Than That
Sun 1 December 2013 | Ben Davies | 41:46
An Old Testament king, Amaziah, is worried about one hundred talents of silver paid for mercenaries who were going to fight for him. They get sent back by a prophet who adds the Lord can give you much more than that.
The lesson? Trust God to do much bigger things than you can imagine.
Woman at the Well
Sun 24 November 2013 | Lee Layton-Matthews | 31:52
Lee takes a look at John 4:1-42 where Jesus engages with a woman who is drawing water at a well. Lee unpacks how Jesus takes this ostracised woman from the outskirts of her community right back to the centre of it. This is Jesus heart for each one of us, that as we start to engage with Him and allow Him to speak into our lives He naturally takes us on a journey from been on the outskirts right into the centre of His community which is filled with grace and acceptance.
Good, not Great
Sun 24 November 2013 | Liam Parker | 29:31
We live in a generation where a lot of people want to be a superstar and change the world but no one wants to wash the dishes with their mum. Liam will therefore be bringing us a challenging word from Luke 10, the story of the Good Samaritan, to remind us that God is more interested in our 'good' character than our 'great' status.
Kerith Philippines Response
Sun 17 November 2013 | Simon Benham | 6:01
As we watch events unfold in the Philippines, let's be praying for all those affected by the crisis, and consider giving financially to the releif effort.
Getting Better Before We Get Bigger
Sun 20 October 2013 | Simon Benham | 10:00
This week marked six years since Simon took over leading the church from Ben Davies. These are some of his reflections on what has happened in that time, and what is in store for us in the next year.
What do you want God to do for you?
Sun 22 September 2013 | Heather Pocock | 32:58

When Bartimaeus called out to Jesus, Jesus asked him the questions “What do you want me to do for you?” What if Jesus were to ask you the exact same question? Would you be able to answer him? Would you be able to spell it out specifically just like Bartimaeus did. . 100% of the prayers that I don’t ask will not get answered. Do you have the boldness to ask God honestly, filled with faith and specifically for your current need, the miracle you’re longing for or the dream you desire to be fulfilled?

Ask, Seek, Knock
Sun 28 July 2013 | Lee Layton-Matthews | 31:43
In a culture of instant gratification and the need to have things now, the notion of waiting seems foreign. When we look at Jesus though, we realise waiting is something we need to do. Often it is in the waiting that we hear Him the most.
Our Default Setting
Sun 21 July 2013 | Ben Pocock | 42:31
On the day that the Kerith Academy students graduate from their year on the team, and as we all finish various seasons in our lives, we often ask ourselves the question ‘What Next?’. Do we continue in our journeys in life, following Jesus and doing what he has called us to do, or do we return to our ‘Default Setting’? Looking at John 21, we see what the disciples ‘default setting’ was, and how Jesus responded to them.
God, what are you dong that is new in my life?
Sun 14 July 2013 | Kim McManus with Dolce Wang | 51:02
Speaking from Ezekiel 16 when God says "I want you to live", Kim McManus shared her own life story. Asking "God, what are you doing that is new?", she encouraged us all to look for the hand of God in our lives, to look for the new beginnings each day.
An Encounter with God
Sun 9 June 2013 | Peter Greig | 50:13
Pete speaks about the need for us to turn to God at the point of every transition in our lives. He is one of the founders of the 24-7 prayer movement, the Director for prayer at Holy Trinity Brompton in London and leads a church called Emmaus Rd in Guildford.
The Gift of Prayer
Sun 9 June 2013 | Peter Greig | 51:07
Pete reminds us about God's promises in the prayer contract. He is one of the founders of the 24-7 prayer movement, the Director for prayer at Holy Trinity Brompton in London and leads a church called Emmaus Rd in Guildford.
It turned out that ....
Sun 2 June 2013 | Andy Jackson | 37:49
When Ruth and Boaz first meet it appears to be a coincidence. But we know from the end of the story that it cannot have been, that God was working in the background orchestrating events to bring about His purposes. The same is true for us. Nothing happens to us by chance. God is there working out his plans for our lives and his bigger story. We can choose to have faith that this is true allowing it to encourage us when life is difficult, and we can choose to co-operate with God through living lives that please Him. God does not call us to achieve greatness but to live obedient lives so that, as with Ruth and Boaz, He can achieve great things through us
Sun 26 May 2013 | Canon Andrew White | 48:49
Our visiting speaker tonight is Canon Andrew White, often called the Vicar of Baghdad. He speaks about the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and reads Act 2:17a. He says that the most important thing is to be in the place where God wants us to be, using both Jonah and Thomas as examples.
Reactions to Jesus
Sun 21 April 2013 | Liam Parker | 39:26

Liam reads Mark chapter 5 and looks at people's reactions to Jesus. We are encouraged to ask ourselves the questions "What is my reaction to Jesus?", "Is my reaction the best one?" and "Should I change my reactions?"

Experiencing the King and His Kingdom
Sun 14 April 2013 | Sola Osinoiki | 44:28
Sola preached today on Experiencing the King and His Kingdom. Speaking from Nicodemus' encounter with Jesus in John Chapter 3, Sola encouraged the church to believe that we all have a part to play in God's kingdom and that we are all carriers of God's kingdom.
Seeking An End To Human Trafficking
Sun 14 April 2013 | Ben Cooley | 48:06
Ben Cooley from Hope for Justice talks about how they are seeking to see an end of human trafficking and slavery. He reads Jesus' first speech in Luke 4 and illustrating from their work he talks about the 3 things that Jesus does: Brings freedom to the captives, brings comfort to those who mourn, and gives purpose.
The full version of the Zoe Challenge Promo video can be found at
Taking Risks
Sun 7 April 2013 | Zoe Hayes | 31:43
So often our fears and ‘what ifs’ keep us in our comfort zones and stop us from taking risks for God. In Luke 9 we see Jesus send out the disciples on their own for the first time. They head off with no money, clothes or food and risk their lives to share their faith. As they rely on God to provide for their needs, they see amazing healings and they grow in faith for what else God might do when they trust Him. Where is God calling you to rely on Him more and what might your first step of faith be?
The Power Paradox
Sun 7 April 2013 | Andy Partington | 37:15
So often we just feel like we do not have what it takes - to be at peace, to beat temptation, to fulfil our potential and make an impact for God. Jesus used an extraordinary fishing trip to teach His disciples that this is true (we really do not have what it takes), but that He does! When we accept and embrace our powerlessness, we give God the access He needs to work in and through us, by His Holy Spirit, to do amazing things!
The Persistent Widow
Sun 7 April 2013 | Pete Moon | 30:39
We are all in a position of influencing those around us, but we soon realise that we do not have it all sorted. Does that mean we cannot make an impact with our lives? Looking at the parable of the Persistent Widow in Luke 18, we begin to unpack the truth that God does not expect us to be perfect, but He does expect us to pray and see what He can do with our imperfect circumstances.
Next Level
Sun 17 March 2013 | Simon Benham | 33:07
We sense it is a new season at Kerith - to use an Albanian house building analogy it is time to add another storey! Today we look at what that might mean for all of us.
Mother Day 2013 - No Perfect Mums
Sun 10 March 2013 | Catrina Benham | 35:06
Basing her talk on the Bible character Salome's "imperfect mothering moment", Catrina shatters the myth that there are any perfect mums.
We cannot be perfect mums, but what we can do is love our children unconditionally, just as God loves us unconditionaly - that is the greatest gift we can give them.
Building Agreement
Sun 24 February 2013 | Stephen Mathew | 46:00
Blurb: successfully building Gods House requires us to build in agreement. But what might the terms of such an agreement be? Here we explore key terms that are vital to our church building endeavours. Scripture reading is from Nehemiah 1:3-5 and 2:1-5.
Saved From The Pit
Sun 3 February 2013 | Gordon MacDonald | 50:00
Tonight our guest speaker is Gordon MacDonald. He reads Psalm 40:1-3 and uses various illustrations to describe how God is able to rescue us from the pit of despair when we cry out to Him. He puts a song of joy in our hearts, and this rescue is meant to go through us to other people who are also in despair.
Vision for the Year
Sun 6 January 2013 | Simon Benham | 43:00
Vision Sunday: As we start a New Year we look back at what we got up to in 2012, what we plan to do in 2013, and how by 'remaining in Christ' we can bear much that throughout the year.
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