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All Out Generosity
Sun 2 April 2017 | Michael Ross Watson | 34:56

Michael looks at the Old Testament, at the House of Saul and the relationship between Saul and David. Michael looks at how their relationship went from Friendship to Hostility but with God back to friendship. God challenges us to do amazing things, for Saul it was to change from hatred and jealousy to caring. Michael speaks about fear in his own life and how God delivered an amazing gift and encouragement to help him overcome his fear. For Michael there had to be a pivotal change in his life to make him change and when that happened it allowed God to take him on an amazing journey. God wants to restore us and for us to restore others, to live a life of all out generosity & compassion that reaches out to the broken and needy. It is not a collection of acts but a lifestyle.


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