The Peach and the Coconut

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The Peach and the Coconut


Simon Benham's first book, The Peach and the Coconut, outlining the culture of Kerith Community Church is now available in a variety of formats. You can buy it from Kerith Resources for £5. It is also available from Amazon at £6.99 for the printed version and £4.49 for the Kindle version. Enjoy reading our first Kerith book.

Here's a taster of what the book is about:

"There are moments where we need to try to define and shape culture, what some have called being 'cultural architects'. We can do that by painting a picture of what we would like the culture to be, and then striving with all our being to build the community we've described. In The Peach & the Coconut Simon Benham paints a picture of the culture Kerith Community Church wants to build, exploring the community of Jesus and seeing what it teaches us about building a Christian church community in the 21st century."


Listen to the audio version below.

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