Vision and Values

Vision and Values


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At Kerith we use the image of a peach to describe the culture of the community we are building.

A peach is first of all very easy to get in to. Similarly we want to be accessible to people from all backgrounds, a safe place where people far from God can explore what it means to have a relationship with Him, and where people who have already chosen to follow Jesus can grow closer to Him and become more effective in serving Him.

But a peach is also very solid at its core. In the same way we want to be very clear about who we are and what we believe, never afraid to declare who Jesus is and what we believe about Him.

You can read much more about this in "The Peach and the Coconut", a book which explores in detail what it means to build this "peachy" community. It covers everything from our desire to practically demonstrate the love of God through social justice, our heart to impact the nations, what we believe about sex and much more besides!


You can get a copy via Amazon or listen to an audio version.


If you'd like to see a "statement of belief" to which we subscribe, have a look at the Evangelical Alliance website via the link here. This basis of faith is included in our legal documents that govern the incorporation of the church as a company and charity.

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