Beyond Kerith

Beyond Kerith

At Kerith we have a long history of partnership with churches across the nations. Whether Germany or Africa, France, Poland or the Balkans, we continue with a passion for seeing churches succeed in their local communities in sharing the love of Jesus practically and explaining the Gospel.

At present in the Balkans we are actively involved with churches in Albania, Macedonia and are now forming friendships with churches in Serbia. During the last six years a number from our Kerith community have travelled out to Albania to encourage and equip the churches - in worship training, leadership skills and children’s work. The Kerith youth have helped in setting up and running a week long summer camp for over 100 teenagers.

In the Baltic countries we have worked with a church in Klaipeda, Lithuania for several years and more recently with a church in Kuressaare, Estonia. Young people from both these churches are now on our year-long Academy training here in Bracknell.

We regularly resource key leaders from countries such as Poland, Zambia, The Baltic and Balkan nations to attend conferences at Kerith and/or come on ‘fact finding’ trips. In providing them with a new perspective on church community we have seen these churches inspired to implement effective strategies/ministries in their home nations.

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