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We are passionate about building relationship with God through prayer, at all times, in all places!

Our Prayer Rhythm at Kerith

In 2020 we feel God has focused us to PRAY- Simon Benham our Senior Pastor and others are going to lead us through a year of learning about prayer in all its forms.

We encourage everyone to:

Pray alone everyday - based on Jesus’s outline of how to pray in the gospel of Matthew chapter 6, we are encouraged to use the P.R.A.Y model. You can find out more about P.R.A.Y on the website of the people who created it, Pete Greig and the 24/7 Prayer team or by signing up for video based six week Prayer Course which is part of our Growth Track and is run weekly as a small group.

Pray with others once a week - We prioritise praying together as we meet on Sundays and midweek in Small Group communities. We look to create opportunities for you to receive prayer if needed or for us to pray for one another.

Fast for breakthrough once a month - visit the 24/7 Prayer website for guidelines to help you engage with fasting once a month.

Week of prayer and fasting - At the start of start each term we particularly encourage each other in prayer and fasting. We book out the prayer room slots 24/7 in this week and gather midweek for a Kingdom Come night together. Click here  for the church calendar.

Prayer resources

We have a number of resources that you might find helpful.

 Kingdom Come Prayer Guide - You can pick up a hard copy on a Sunday or download a printable one here to help you pray alone or with others.

Guided Prayer experience - During the weeks of prayer and fasting we are challenging ourselves to pray for a whole hour- to help structure this we have created a guided audio prayer hour. You can listen to it here.

Prayer room (Bracknell site) - see more details below

Prayercasts - hosted by Simon Benham and friends a midweek daily prayer and short thought for the day at 6:45-7:00am on the Facebook page.

24-7 PRAYER ROOM on the Bracknell Site

Book the prayer room

What is it? A bookable room for individuals or groups to pray, read, meditate, worship and draw near to God. There are comfy chairs, Bibles and books, CD and iPod players, a prayer wall.

Where is it? Upstairs in the studio - the small building in the Kerith Centre Car park, Church Road, Bracknell, RG12 1EH opposite the entrance to the Kerith Centre.

How does it work?

When is it open? 24/7, check the schedule for exact dates.

Can I just turn up? Unfortunately slots need to be booked.

What if I can't get the slot I would like? Slots get cancelled so keep checking back.

Can I book a slot any time of the day? Because there are not many residential houses around the prayer room, for people's own safety, we ask that prayer slots between midnight and 5am are only booked by married couples, two people of same sex or a group of three or more.

How do I link in with what's going on? Follow @kerithcommunity and like our Facebook page.

How do I get in touch for more information? Email or call 01344 862699.

Where I can I share any stories with the church? Email

Is the prayer room accessible? Although the prayer room is upstairs, for those who find it hard to climb stairs there is a sofa downstairs in the studio, though during the working day the area is used by others too.

IMPORTANT: Before booking a prayer room slot for yourself, please create a login (it's quick and easy) otherwise you won't be able to make any changes (for example, cancelling the booked slot) after you booked it.

HOW TO CREATE A LOGIN: On the prayer room booking page you should see "CREATE A LOGIN" and "LOG IN". If you don't have an account yet, be sure to create one. If you have one already, just pick the slot which suits you and book it!

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